Impotence? Not MY problem!


Well, that’s what I always thought – especially when I read about it in magazines or the paper. I never thought I would be affected someday by any sort of impotence.. how wrong I was.

It was in May 2010 when I experienced my first real erectile dysfunction (ED). It was surprising and disappointing for both of us. At first I didn’t think much of it, my job was stressing me out a bit and the relationship wasn’t going that well. I thought those were the reasons..

not againThen it happened again .. few weeks later out of nowhere. I was so embarrassed that I decided to investigate and look for solutions.

I subsequently found out how common ED actually is, what the various causes are, how they can be treated.. and thankfully I managed to find a completely natural cure for my manhood and sex-life.  As a result of my research it is now better than ever!

It’s been a long and difficult journey, but now I am healthier, stronger and happier than I have been in a long time. And I can give my (new) girlfriend a really good time again 😉

That is why I decided to write this blog – to share my knowledge with you guys out there, who may also be struggeling and looking for answers. I’ll try to write down pretty much everything I know so eventually you’ll find a huge amount of information about ED and how to sort it out.

I hope you’ll enjoy the read, learn a thing or two and ultimately get it up again!

Good luck!


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    Thanks Jason, I like your style! Agree it is mostly about general health and fitness. Keep it up and enjoy life!


    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes that make the most significant changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!


    Jason-I am most grateful to you for posting info on erections etc. Do you have an email address for a couple of private questions?
    Thanks so much.


    Dear Jason, thank you for pointing out the arginine and pine bark extract combination. Several family members have died of cardiovascular disease and my Doctor recommended me arginine powder 8 years ago. I am now 65 and can proudly say I have zero plaque in my arteries as determined via Cardiac Catheterization in July 2014. I did not know about the research on pine bark extract and arginine and will switch to amitamin m forte now.


    This is great information, however these products cannot ship to the US??? Are there products that can ship to the US?


      Hi Tony, just look for the nearest equivalent or buy the nutrients separately. At a minimum make sure you get 3000mg Arginine, 100mg Pine Bark Extract (or Pycnogenol), 10mg zinc, 500mg vitamin C, 30mcg vitamin D and as much omega-3 and Carnitine as you can afford (aim for 1-3g each per day). In fact, I think I will do a post on US products. Good luck and never give up!


    Your blog has a lot of interesting information and references. I like the blend of personal accounts as well as scientific references. I have a few questions:

    1. You obviously have had a lot of success with the arginine supplements. Do you take it on an empty stomach, with a meal, or carbohydrate drink? I read some info suggesting that arginine should not be taken with other proteins. However, directions for M Forte on the Amitamin site just say to take their pills with a lot of water (did not mention to the exclusion of foods).

    2. Amitamin says they cannot ship to the US for what seem like minor packaging issues. How long has this been an issue, and do you expect them to address the issues soon and make their products available again in the US?

    3. How come it seems only this post allows comments? I think there could be a lot of good discussion across your other posts as well.



      Dear IGF, thanks for the good feedback. In response to your questions:
      1. TBH I have no idea. Personally I don’t see a big issue with taking them on an empty stomach. Arginine does include sulphur though (which makes it biologically valuable in the first place), so I always drink as much water with it as I can and usually have at least a little snack with it. I have heard that Bioperine improves absorption in the digestive system so that it worth looking at. Please let us know what you find out.
      2. Again, sorry mate, I wouldn’t know. You could look at contacting a courier in Europe, get amitamin to ship to them and they ship to you.
      3. Thank you for reminding me. The honest truth is that I forgot to switch on comments on the other pages. I have just done it now.
      Keep us posted – never give up!


    Hwllo Jason
    I just baught my first bottle of L-Arginine 3000mg from iherb. Not even started using yet. But I am encouraged. My question however is, I suffer from BPH, will this have an effect on my BPH medications?. At the moment I am taking Tamsulosin HCL 0.4mg one at night and Spasmolyte (trospium Chloride 20mg). Will L-Arginine have problems with these modications.
    Tamsulosin in itself is not that effective, the Spasmolyte helps somehow.
    Pls Advise.

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