Arginine Improves Erectile Function Naturally

Arginine Improves Erectile Function Naturally

I keep on saying that many well-known prescription drugs and other substances can and will have positive effects on your libido and erection, but remember that the effects may only be temporary and that side effects can be unpredictable.

The effects of the famous alternative enhancers on humans like Maca, Spanish Fly and Yohimbine could not be backed up by any scientific research. These substances are completely unregulated, production and indeed dosages are therefore not standardised. With unpredictableside effects these substances and all the designer mixes they come in are an outright gamble on your health.

In fact, some side effects in the prescription drugs have been known to cause death in a few cases. The large pharmaceuticals obviously lobby for this to never be published in fear of losing profits. Of course, if you are comfortable with potentially dangerous side effects, then you could try these medications.

However, you need to appreciate that thanks to advances in the natural sciences, there are viable and safe alternatives. One of the most common methods is the amino acid Arginine.

Arginine works throughout your body by regulating a very important process known as vasodilation, the expansion of your blood vessels. This process enables the body to transport more blood to parts in the body where it is needed – the brain, muscles, stomach, or your penis.

On the contrary, the prescription drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors block a chemical in your penis, which will cause your penis to return to a flaccid state after an erection. While this may seem efficacious, Arginine works in an entirely natural manner. The effects take about 3 weeks to become obvious and they are considered permanent in stark contrast to the “event-based” prescription drugs (PDE-5 inhibitors).

Arginine combination-products from Europe

There are a number of natural supplements in Germany, Italy and France that can be purchased without prescription. I like these products, because they are manufactured and regulated in Europe so you can be sure that they include what it says on the tin.

One of the most common and effective is known as amitamin m forte, which is made and registered in Germany. Others are Androxan, Arginmax and aminoexpert Viagrin. Vigarin and m forte are both made in Germany and include pine bark extract, which has been shown to further enhance the effect of Arginine.

Personally I have tried Vigarin and amitamin m forte over the last two years and am very happy with the results. Not only my erection, but also my overall physical health has improved. Each product has it’s own pros and cons so please do your own research.