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Arginine Health Benefits


 Arginine is an amino acid with some remarkable health benefits— in particular for your cardiovascular system. In fact, Arginine has a huge range of anti-aging, health-promoting properties that keep our cardiovascular system young, your heart strong, your blood vessels elastic

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Your Blood & Your Erection


  You already know that blood mechanically enables your erection, but did you know that there is a direct and long-term relationship between the quality of your blood and your erection? Blood is your life juice. It is the “oil”,

The “Erection” Diet


 What if I told you that you can eat right for a great erection? You can indeed change your diet to have better sex, longer and more often. But it is not easy.. So how is your diet these days?

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Erection Strength Training


Compound exercises increase your testosterone. The effects on your health are significant, because you will be entering a virtuous cycle of T-driven health.

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Lack of Nutrients Compromises Potency


 Did you know that a poor diet actually promotes Erectile Dysfunction? Suboptimal nurient supply caused by poor diets is found to be a close second to circulatory diseases as the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Unless you specifically eat fresh,

Your Erection and Drugs


 You might be wondering, whether I am talking about prescription or recreational drugs here.. well, it does not matter – read on! We encounter drugs every day, whether in the form of our morning cup of coffee, prescription drugs, or

Alcohol and your erection


 Most of us enjoy the occasional drink or two… or seven.. and suddenly you are REALLY up for it 🙂 Have you ever wondered why? It is because alcohol is a depressant, specifically of your brain’s inhibitory centres – causing

ED? We are not alone…


 “One in five men suffer from erectile dysfunction“ ‘A real man can always…‘, or so the clichĂ© tells us. The reality is different however. No man is willing to discuss it; nevertheless a lot of men suffer from impotence –