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What is the best Arginine Pycnogenol Dosage?


 I have had several comments and private messages about what I think is the best Arginine Pycnogenol dosage. Why the confusion? Basically, the question was whether there should be a loading dose initially and then a maintenance dose. Prelox does

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Arginine Health Benefits


 Arginine is an amino acid with some remarkable health benefits— in particular for your cardiovascular system. In fact, Arginine has a huge range of anti-aging, health-promoting properties that keep our cardiovascular system young, your heart strong, your blood vessels elastic

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Boost Your Erection with Testosterone – Part 1


 Testosterone comes in a small dose but has huge consequences. Explore the indicators and effects in this video & accompanying article. Men are RULED by Testosterone The most well known male hormone is testosterone. It has an absolutely decisive influence on

The “Erection” Diet


 What if I told you that you can eat right for a great erection? You can indeed change your diet to have better sex, longer and more often. But it is not easy.. So how is your diet these days?

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Measuring Erection Strength


 Now, have you given the angle and strength of your erection any thought? The table below shows how common various erection angles are in men. In the table, 0 degrees is pointing straight up against the belly, 90 degrees is horizontal and

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Erection Biomechanics


 The following text is an explanation of what happens inside your body to make the erection mechanically possible. The Erection Objective The penis has two tasks that it has to fulfill: releasing urine from the bladder, known as urination releasing