Health & Erection – Pain & Pleasure


changeIf you want to get fit, healthy and get that rock-hard erection back you need to understand motivation. You read and understand that improving your erection takes a good diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle, but are you ready to make those changes?

My guess is you are not… so read on:

What does it take to change your habits, especially those eating and lazy habits? You need to be really motivated to change things  in your life. The probem is as humans we like to resist change and prefer stability.

Motivation is a function of pain and pleasure. In fact, everything we do is governed by these two emotions. Think about it.

Is the pleasure you experience in going on that amazing (but expensive) holiday stronger than the pain of paying for it? If the pleasure is stronger and you are net positive you can go with a good conscience. If the pain is stronger, you are net negative and you probably shouldn’t go.

The same principle applies to ANY action in your life – including stepping up and making changes to improve your health.

Is the pain caused by making healthy changes stronger than the pleasure of staying in your comfort zone? If the pain is stronger, you are net negative and your motivation for change is not strong enough.

BUT if the relative strength shifts and either the pain of not doing anything gets bigger (say, you get sick) or the pleasure of getting healthy gets bigger by discovering a solid erection gets your great sex, then suddenly you are ready! I was 😉