Erection and Age

Erection and Age

healthy ageThe misconception is that your age is to be blamed on your lack of health, loss of muscle mass, weak immune system, consequently depressed Testosterone and a weak erection.

Yes of course it is true that your body degenerates with age, but it is really an excuse when it is your lack of action and knowledge that is really responsible for the state of your body.

Research reveals that if done right, exercise will delay and even reverse aging’s debilitating effects on your muscles, heart, and brain. The only side effect? You will also look your best.

The picture on the left is self-explanatory. It is really is striking how healthy you can be even in old age if you exercise regularly. Granted, not everyone does triathlon at 70, but it gives you a great idea of what is possible.

Men’s Health have put together a master plan for your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s here.

Here is an amazing video of 93 year old Dr Charles Eugster (watch the video to the end).

Do you think he has ED?? 😉

Now, have you given the angle of your erection any thought?

Of course you also have to make sure that you give your body the fuel to keep on powering on. Please read this post for the top 5 supplements every man should take to support his virility – at any age.



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