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Why Should I Share My Erectile Dysfunction Experiences with the Online Community?

This is actually one of the most common questions that other men have asked me. Simply put, I realised what it felt like to suffer alone and I wished to help other men that were experiencing the same condition. One of my biggest challenges was to convince others that the need for prescription drugs is not necessary. On the contrary, there are many natural methods to combat this condition and best of all, they will have no side effects. Following this train of thought, I have finally returned to what I feel is a normal existence! So, I am eager to “give back” to my readers in hopes that they will also be experience the joy that I now feel. What better motivation could there be?

How Were You able to Control Your Impotency Issues?

First, I took the step to talk to my wife about the issues I was having. Then, we decided to try various amino acid supplements from the United States and Germany. You can imagine that the impotency issues had a great impact on the relationship between my wife and I. Sorting these problems out completely renewed our relationship in ways that I never thought possible. In fact, my marriage may have even been saved as a result. Communicating with my partner has allowed both of us to enjoy a deeper level of our relationship.

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How Do You Recommend Treating Impotency?

You are right in assuming that many chemical substances and prescription drugs can have massively positive outcomes, but recall that their side effects can be just as potent. In fact, some will have contraindications that can even cause death. Naturally, this will hardly be promoted by large pharmaceutical companies. If you are comfortable with potentially dangerous side effects, then you could try these medications. However, you need to appreciate that thanks to advances in the natural sciences, there are viable and safe alternatives. One of the most common methods is with the intake of an amino acid by the name of arginine.

Arginine essentially works throughout your body through a process known as vasodilation. In other words, it helps expand your blood vessels. So, the blood flow to your penis will also dramatically increase. On the contrary, drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors block a chemical in your penis that is known as cGMP. This substance will cause your penis to return to a flaccid state after an erection. So, blocking cGMP is intended to help the penis remain rigid. While this may seem efficacious, arginine works in a more natural manner. Although the effects may not be immediate, they are considered to be much more permanent than those experienced with prescription drugs such as PDE-5 inhibitors.

Thankfully, there are a number of natural supplements in Germany, Italy and France that are able to be purchased without the need for a prescription. One of the most common and effective is known as Amitamin-M Forte, which includes pine bark extract, which has been shown to enhance the effect of Arginine. Other choices include Arginmax and aminoexpert Viagrin, the latter of which also includes pine bark extract. Of course, each will have its own benefits based on personal experience.

What Other Alternatives Are There to Prescription Treatments?

Thankfully, you have a number of effective options should you not choose to use PDE-5 inhibitors. Some well-known alternatives involve the use of herbs such as yohimbine, Spanish fly and maca. The issue is presently, there is no research that has been carried out which demonstrates their effectiveness in humans. Also, there are no recommended dosages and it is unknown as to whether taking too much can have equally adverse effects. Thus, it is better to avoid experimentation. Some herbs can have strong side effects that should be noted. In fact, Spanish fly is actually a form of mild poison extracted from an insect; helping you to achieve an erection by inflaming your urinary tract!

It is thought that the best options are to take what are known as arginine-based enhancing medications. The difference here lies in the fact that there is a robust amount of research that backs up the usefulness of arginine in a host of biological functions. These findings were so profound that the Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery in 1998. In simpler terms, there is absolutely no doubt that arginine has a positive impact on the body. Incredibly, there have been no side effects observed that are associated with its use as an impotency treatment. This may be one of the reasons as to why there are a great deal of arginine products in Germany and Italy that are advertised as “supplements for special medical purposes”.

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Can You Explain to Me the Purpose of Amino Acids?

Amino acids are absolutely essential nutrients that have been called the very foundation for life, as they control a wide array of necessary metabolic processes. Amino acids are also responsible for regenerating protein and building muscle within our bodies (we are comprised of approximately twenty per cent of protein). These acids also keep the skin healthy, allow hair to grow and they are critical in the repair of tissues (thus, weightlifters will use these as a common supplement after a heavy workout). One of the lesser-known facts is that protein plays a vital role in a strong immune system. As arginine is one of the most important of these amino acids, it is no wonder that it will play a pronounced role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and general potency.

Why is Arginine so Special in Treating potency?

As we have just seen, arginine is already known to play a quintessential role in multiple metabolic processes. So, it has been used for many years to treat erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that arginine is particularly associated with the production of a critical neurotransmitter known as nitric oxide (NO). NO controls the expansion of blood vessels and rate of blood flow allow nutrients to reach their destinations more effectively (including oxygen that is pumped from the heart to the organs). Nitric oxide is therefore a life-supporting substance that will allow arteries and blood vessels to both expand and contract. This will obviously also have an effect on blood pressure.

So, it is clear that nitric oxide (and therefore arginine) plays an important role in delivering oxygen-rich blood to various parts of the body. In particular, nitric oxide will be supplied to areas that have a temporary need for a greater amount of blood (such as legs when you are running ot the penis during an erection). It only makes sense that higher levels of arginine will equate to higher amounts of nitric oxide that will be available. So, arginine is an all-natural penile enhancer that will have none of the dubious side effects of drugs such as PDE-5 inhibitors.

Simply stated, it can be said that PDE-5 inhibitors will limit the amount of nitric oxide in tissue once there is no more need while arginine will instead produce nitric oxide; offering a more sustainable erection. The scientists who discovered nitric oxide in the 1970s and 1980s were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Interestingly enough, nitric oxide was even named the “Molecule of the Year” in 1992!

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Was it a Long Time Before You Noticed a Strong Erection?

While I felt the impacts of prescription drugs within a minutes, the side effects made me wary. When I began taking arginine, I felt beneficial effects within three to four weeks. This was due to the fact that my body first had to refill its cellular storage levels before the effect became physically noticeable. This was a very nice trade off, for the effects are considered to be permanent once these levels are achieved.

Will I Ever Need to Stop Taking Amino Acids?

As amino acids are completely natural, you can take them for as long as you like (recall that they are also quite healthy as a normal supplement). You may choose to cease taking arginine supplements once you feel a profound effect in your erection, or you can just as easily continue the dosages for as long as you prefer if you enjoy the other ancillary effects.

What Side Effects Can I Expect to Feel with Arginine?

Personally, I have noted no negative side effects whatsoever. I only noticed positive side effects, now feel that I have more energy, that my sports performance has improved and my mental clarity has likewise increased. I am even more confident in my daily business activities. In other words, I think I may have discovered my very own fountain of youth!

Can I Order Arginine Online?

The issue here is that not all companies are reputable; particularly if they are from an exotic location outside of the European Union. Recall that not every supplier is as trustworthy as their website appears to be. Also, you should look at the ingredients contained within the supplement. Those that also contain pine bark extract and a B-vitamin complex like amitamin m forte and aminoexpert VIGARIN are said to be the most effective.

In regards to PDE-5 inhibitors, you will require a prescription even on the Internet. This is the safest way to order, for you will be assured that you are receiving a quality medication and that you are not breaking the law.

Are There Any Tell-Tale Signs of a Trustworthy Provider?

The best providers will come from highly regulated parts of the world such as the European Union or the United States (as opposed to Central America). Determine where the company and website is registered to be certain. Also, seek out transparent providers. This must include a clear list of all of the ingredients as well as their concentrations. Finally, third-party review sites are excellent ways to separate the bad from the good.

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