How Masturbation Saved the World (Or At Least Humanity)

How Masturbation Saved the World (Or At Least Humanity)

I have previously written about the psychological link between masturbation and ED.

Personally I believe that it is absolutely fine to masturbate regularly. But doing it excessively does seem to have an impact on the quality of one’s erection.

Masturbation from homeThere are indeed many theories surrounding the seemingly incessant need for males to masturbate. Not only is it considered a sign of virility, but this practice is perhaps one of the only things that all cultures of the world have in common. So, why does a teenager coming of age (and a grown man of sixty-five years old) find the need to masturbate? Do all men have a screw or two loose or is there something a bit more reasonable to conclude? Let us take a quick look at the very real reasons why masturbation may have saved the human race as we know it.

Survival of the Fittest

It is common for all species to evolve by constantly adapting to a changing environment. Nature has coded every living organism with an innate ability to progress by eliminating genetically weaker individuals over time. This is not cruelty, this is simply Darwin’s famous evolutionary concept of natural selection. How does this tie into Johnny catching some alone time before mum arrives home from work?

It needs to be understood that sperm carry half of the genetic material that will contribute to the characteristics of a newborn child. Research has found that sperm which remain idle inside of the male will tend to develop abnormalities within a week if not “ejected from the party”. When a man masturbates and then ejaculates, he is expunging potentially defective sperm that may otherwise have negative influences upon an otherwise healthy child. The University of Sydney also writes that masturbation causes numerous health benefits.

Progression Through Time

Like many instincts that animals have, it did not take nature long to understand that masturbation can help decrease the chances of passing along these genetic defects. So, this act became a hard-wired part in the male brain millions of years ago. Of course, it was not until modern times that we have begun to appreciate just how important self pleasure can be.

There are many cases that have illustrated negative psychological impacts on men who abstain (either forcibly or by choice) from masturbation over a period of time. This is likely due to the fact that it is a base instinct and thus, difficult to suppress. However, this may also be an evolutionary response designed to encourage masturbation on a somewhat regular basis. The problem is that social and parental stigma have been attached to this decidedly natural “task”. By inhibiting male masturbation, there is a chance that genetic abnormalities may very well increase.

Does this all sound a bit far fetched? Consider that even fetuses in the womb have been observed in the act (to little avail, fortunately). So, it appears that masturbation is one of the basest and most natural activities that healthy males of all ages can enjoy. Naturally, the theories behind this reasoning are constantly changing. As science continues to advance, we will likely gain further reasoning into masturbation; perhaps a perfect excude to boys and men of all ages.