Lack of Nutrients Compromises Potency

Lack of Nutrients Compromises Potency

Did you know that a poor diet actually promotes Erectile Dysfunction?

burgerSuboptimal nurient supply caused by poor diets is found to be a close second to circulatory diseases as the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Unless you specifically eat fresh, unprocessed (so-called whole foods) modern convenience diets fail to supply us with a complete spectrum of nutrients. Today’s supermarket foods lack quality nutrients due to industrial processing (cleaning, conservation, packaging etc), profit-optimised breeding and feeding of animals, storage conditions and over-fertilisation.

The effects on your health are bigger than you think:

  • sugary foods cause insulin spikes and therefore energy peaks and troughs,
  • less ability to sleep well due to stress and little exercise, therefore elevated estrogens and fatigue
  • reduced sex drive (low testosterone)
  • reduced ability to perform mentally as well as physically

With this in mind you should not be surprised that the chance of suffering Erectile Dysfunction is greatly increased.

energy foodsThe food news is that you can reduce your likelyhood of suffering the same fate with relative ease. You can either make a conscious effort to improve your diet or you can take supplements to make sure that your body gets what it needs. Ideally of course you should do both. In addition, you can take supplements, which promote the ability to achieve and hold an erection. But hold your horses for a minute, that does not mean you should start throwing all sorts of pills into you. It is important that you understand the foods and nutrients needed to focus on foods, which can specifically enhance your erection.

L-arginine shortage reduces potency

One of the most common causes of nutrient-based erectile dysfunction is a lack of L-arginine. L-arginine (or just Arginine) is a semi-essentiell amino acid, which means that our body can produce it, but sometimes it needs so much of it that we need to consume extra amounts to satisfy our body’s needs. Frankly, Erectile Dysfunction is one of those very cases.

amino acids improve your health.jpgOur body uses Arginine to produce nitric-oxide (NO), a neutransmitter essential to regulating the blood flow throughout our body. Specifically, NO relaxes the muscles around our blood vessels making them bigger and allowing more blood to flow through them (imagine a Macaroni noodle softening in water and it’s inside diameter widening). Improved blood flow means improved nutrient supply to all key systems in the body, especially the brain and heart (therefore less risk of stroke and heart attack respectively) – but also our little best friend!

In fact, NO was found to be so important, that the team of scientists, which discovered this little molecule, was awarded the Nobel Prize in in 1998. NO was also previously named the Molecule of the Year in 1992.

If you body does not have enough Arginine to make NO, your erection is going to be compromised or not possible at all. Supplementing extra Arginine with your diet will therefore help you get your erection back, if your dysfunction is caused by a lack of nutrients and resulting suboptimal blood circulation.

I have written extensively in my blog how I was able to solve my Erectile Dysfunction using a large dose Arginine supplement. A welcome and unexpected side effect was that my entire well-being increased too. I also received lots of emails by readers, who have effectively used Arginine to treat their ED.

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