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Should you be using erection enhancers?

Natural sexual erection enhancers have proven to be quite popular with men and women alike. Many are viable alternatives to Viagra and as erection enhancers and present little if any side-effects.

One of the best ways to determine the efficacy of such substances is by personal trial, therefore I have compiled a list of substances some of which I have previously tried and some I haven’t. Please keep in mind that these are personal viewpoints alone and do not replace the qualified opinion of a trained medical practitioner!

Natural Potency or Aphrodisiac?

Unlike prescription erectile dysfunction drugs which cause biochemical reactions to cause an erection, natural sexual enhancers employ only natural methods to enhance sex drive and promote blood flow in the penis. These substances are termed natural aphrodisiacs. Some effects produced by these enhancers mimic those of chemical drugs, such as improving blood flow through arteries and capillaries.

Others stimulate the pleasure centres in the brain or enhance the production of testosterone. Not surprisingly, the list of purported sexual enhancers is quite long and the list of inconclusive trials performed is even longer. Nonetheless, there are some substances which have shown real effects on sexual stimulation.

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Known Potency and Potency-Enhancing Substances

What follows below is a list of some of the most widely advertised potency-enhancing substances. Remember that some of those found on the rather colourful websites offering dubious claims I have not ventured to try. Rather, I believe any results may often have more to do with the placebo effect than actual physical changes. But there is nothing wrong with that as long as some kind of effect is achieved! 🙂 So, then, let us examine some of the most well-known substances.


This natural substance is derived from the bark of the yohimbe tree found in Africa and is perhaps the best known alternative to Viagra. This is mainly due to the fact that before Viagra entered into the marketplace, yohimbe was the most prescribed treatment for erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe’s aphrodisiac effect increases blood flow to the groin in both sexes and has little or no other side effects.

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However, in my experience I find that any results may be in fact due to the placebo effect. Notwithstanding this personal conclusion, if you still wish to try yohimbine, purchasing it from a reputed German source can guarantee quality and potency.


This is actually an amino acid found in many substances. L-Arginine is a precursor for nitric oxide (NO) within the body. Nitric oxide expands blood vessels and therefore provides an increased blood flow to the groin and extremities.

Furthermore, it has also been said that L-Arginine is also responsible for the production of the so-called “feel good” hormones within the brain. In fact, Arginine is one of only a handful of potency enhancers, which have undergone rigorous testing at the university research level – and the only one, which has been empirically proven effective:

According to these studies, taking a minimum dose of 3,000 milligrams per day can help achieve the desired erection-promoting effect. Recent research has shown that the health benefits of NO can be further enhanced by adding pine bark extract (sometimes called Pycnogenol). A placebo-controlled study showed that Arginine and Pine Bark Extract cured 92.5% of erection problems after 3 months.

There are no side effects so many consider this substance as a viable alternative to the famous blue pills. Due to the instability of L-Arginine, I recommended purchasing it only from regulated EU-based companies. High quality Arginine in combo with Pine Bark Extract have a slow onset (3-5 weeks) but unlike the PDE-5 inhibitors (the famous blue pills) cure impotence issues for good.

In fact, a synergistic combination of the blue pills and L-Arginine has been shown to produce measurable results. Speak to your Doctor if you are looking at taking both, because they reinforce each other! Even the famous Hamburger urologist Dr. Porst recommends treatment for mild erectile dysfunction with L-Arginine; only switching to PDE-5 inhibitors when necessary.

The only products with both Arginine and Pine Bark Extract are pharma Nord PRELOX, aminoexpert Vigarin and amitamin m forte. I have tried all three and am very happy with the results, but do your own research!


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Beginning in the early 1990’s, ginseng root was one of the first herbal supplements to receive a high amount of television advertising. This “wonder herb” was rumoured to enhance memory, improve concentration, heighten sexual drive and even help individuals that were dieting to lose weight. In truth, the concentrations needed to produce such results were not available in many generic forms of the root. Studies confirmed that the active ingredient within ginseng is extremely volatile and therefore subject to degradation. Additionally, other side effects such as elevated blood pressure, insomnia, and irritable bowel movements were also quite common.

Spanish Fly

This name has been widely associated with increased levels of virility, however the substance itself is actually derived from a toxic substance produced from a certain beetle. As internal and reproductive organs are stimulate by Spanish Fly, it is only administered in homeopathic doses. Higher doses are not allowed in Germany due to concern over long-term and even unknown side effects. Of considerable interest is that there have not been any studies which have shown any real potency enhancing effect.


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We have all heard of zinc. In fact, it is a mineral necessary for survival, but does it enhance sexual drive? I believe it does not. While it is true that zinc is essential for the production of testosterone within the body, there is no evidence that increased doses have any effect on libido. Also, the doses needed to cause such an effect may be too high for the body to absorb. Should you still wish to take zinc, I advise you to eat foods such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, or beans to absorb this mineral.

Penis Cream

penis-enlargement-creamThese creams are often times encountered in sex shops and their main focus is to prolong the time before a male ejaculates. This delay is actually caused by a local anaesthetic called benzocaine. This cream is then mixed with other substances that draw blood to the penis (and therefore the clitoris during intercourse) such as cayenne pepper. Not only can these creams cause irritation around the penis and vagina, but other additives within can actually result in an allergic reaction. Thus, the safety and effectiveness of these creams must be called into question.

Tribulis Terrestris

Tribulis Terrestris – click to discover the amazon #1 Best Seller

This herb is in fact a shrub which is found in India, Africa and the Balkans. For more than five thousand years the dried powder from this plant has been used as a mild aphrodisiac. It is said that the plant induces higher production of a natural chemical within the body called luteinising hormone (LH). Eastern European athletes began to use this herb as a performance enhancer in competitions in more recent times. There is no ban on this substance as there has never been found a proven correlation between increased intake and higher sexual drive or energy. The only study which was published may also have been biased, as it was performed by a tribulis terrestris manufacturer. Once again, any results may be caused by the placebo effect and nothing more.

Vasomax (Phentolamine)

This alternative produces effects similar to those seen with Viagra. This is mainly because Vasomax stimulates blood flow by dilating capillaries and blood vessels. Originally developed as a medicine to combat high blood pressure, Vasomax fundamentally works by interfering with certain neurotransmitters in the brain. One of the side effects here is the noticeable relaxation of the corpora cavernosa muscle in in the penis. One advantage is that Vasomax does not appear to have any profound side effects. However, its usefulness as an aphrodisiac or sexual enhancer has also not been proven. It is for this reason that it has not been approved for distribution within the United States.

Maca (Lipidium Meyenii Welp)

Maca root
Maca – click to discover the amazon #1 Best Seller

Maca is a native plant found primarily in the Andes Mountains in South America. Maca has gained the reputation as the “natural Viagra” although it does not specifically target the penis, but rather the libido as a whole. It is for this reason that Maca is taken by both men and women. The dried root powder is most often what is used for consumption and amongst other things will include a variety of naturally occurring amino acids and substances called glycosides. Glycosides are the primary active ingredient within the Maca root. These are what seem to directly increase the libido in men and women. Maca is available over-the-counter in pharmacies or via mail order. It does indeed appear that Maca has the ability to improve libido. However, should you wish to enhance an erection or increase blood flow to the penis, Maca will do little. A combination of Maca with another vasodilator such as L-Arginine is recommended.

Horny Goat Weed

I have saved the most colourful-sounding supplement for last. Although the name may make you smile, it is reputed that this herb can increase the desire for sex. It has been used in China for such purposes for more than 2,000 years and is called Yin Yang Huo in Chinese. The stems and leaves of the plant contain vasodilating substances in addition to a certain chemical called a flavinoid. Flavinoids have direct effects on testosterone levels; their consumption will raise levels in normal males. Horny goat weed is available in capsule form and although this herb is highly touted as a means to combat erectile dysfunction, to the best of my knowledge no conclusive studies have been done such as those concerning L-Arginine. I personally doubt whether horny goat weed will ever live up to its name.

Amazon Potency Wood (Ptychopetalum oleacoides)

It is ironic that a natural sex enhancer contains the word “wood” in its name. Nonetheless, the wood of this South American tree is considered an aphrodisiac by many. In the Amazon, the popular term for this herb is “Muira Puama” and the bark and the pulp of the tree are dried and taken internally. In one study, participants ingested between 1 and 1.5 grams of potency wood for a period of two weeks. Half of the participants noticed improved erections and sexual drive. As the active ingredients within are hormone-like sterols found in the wood, this herb can be taken by both men and women.


These natural alternatives represent options for those wishing to avoid ingesting medication that may cause side effects. As stated in the beginning of the article,these findings are of my personal opinion through experience although much of what is said is supported by objective studies. It is highly advisable to consult with a homeopath or a qualified medical practitioner before attempting to take any of these substances. What works for one individual may not work for someone else, so I would recommend trying each with moderation before committing to any one in particular.

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    I am interest in any and all Possible Products that may enhance my Sexual capabilities and Health, as of yet, I have not yet tried any of the products, that is,until I’ve enough information to which may suit me.


    Thank u very much for your article, please how do I get L-arginine and pine bark extract. I live in Nigeria.


      P. O. Umoru, just go to the manufacturers’ websites and check if they will deliver to Nigeria. Best of luck!


      Dear Belinda, Personally I prefer natural and sustainable libido. Have a look at how Arginine and Pine Bark Extract worked for me on the page how I got my erection back. Before you take it (it works great for women too) or buy it for your man, please discuss it with your doctor, because the Arginine can amplify the effects of other vasodilator drugs (incl. Viagra, meaning you would have to reduce the Viagra dosage). Good luck!

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