Pornography promotes Erectile Dysfunction??


Can porn help in the fight against erectile dysfunction?

Does porn reduce my ability to get it up? We all know that after the first ejaculation it takes longer to ejaculate the second time.. and again the third time.

But what does porn do to me in the longer term? I discussed this recently in the pub with a few friends and even I saw an article in the Swiss “Blick” (Sun equivalent) about it.

Somehow I find this topic funny as well as distressing.. masturbating is fun and complely normal, but I asked myself how much is too much – and decided to pull together a few facts.

Excessive Pornography Consumption Promotes Impotence – THE STUDY

In March 2011 the Swiss “Blick” wrote about a study conducted at the University of Padua in Italy. After 28,000 Italians were asked about their sexual habits, the scientists concluded the following rather interesting results: the excessive consumption of pornography, no matter whether via DVDs, mobile phones or the internet, can cause potency problems in men!

In fact, the scientists mentioned the term “sexual anorexia” several times. “Anorexia” means lack of appetite. It was indeed observed that sexual potency issues such as low libido and a general lack of sexual motivation is less common in men, who watch little or no porn at all.

I asked myself, why is this so and what exactly does that mean for me and my porn consumption?

Why does pornography have a negative effect on the male libido?

The study observed that especially men below the age of 25, who watched lots of porn were much less motivated to have sex. Men between 25 and 30 are actually sexually the most active group. Overall, the amount of men seeing doctors for sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction is increasing – in all age groups.  Of those age groups most affected, two thirds regularly consume  porn. Out all internet users, 30% regularly consumer porn.

Does porn turn ON or OFF?

Porn is indeed a fun pastime, I must agree. But it actually leads to desensitisation. This is exactly what the Italian scientists proved: the regular consumption of porn produces a constant oversupply of stimuli with the effect that the initially sexually arousing stimulus ceases to arouse. The libido metaphorically drowns in the stimuli of unlimited sex in porn.

To be honest, I am not surprised. If you watch sex on a daily basis with hot porn actresses wearing little or no clothes, who are ready to have sex all the time, you won’t be able to cope with reality. Putting it differently, our brains are not very skilled in distinguishing between reality and imagination and if we constantly spoil it with your favourite sex, we will struggle with the more complex realities of relating to our partners. If our brain then doesn’t get this same perfect sexual stimulus, it begins to struggle – and before you know it, your erection is gone!

Sexual Anorexia in the UK

I bet you are wondering: well, well, that’s the Italians, it’s different in the UK, WE Are different to the Italians. I really don’t think so. If anything we watch just as much, if not more porn that the Italians, Germans or French. More than 30% of all men in the UK watch porn on regular basis. The guys on the other side of the channel aren’t any different. There is no reason why this phenomenon does should not apply equally to us.

Oh btw, this is funny: of course they didn’t look at women and their relationship with porn. I know several women, who very much like to watch porn. Maybe not as much as us men – but they do. The scientists obviously assumed that women don’t watch porn.. 😉

My recommendation is: hold your horses for a day or two and watch your favourite porn movie together with your partner. You might just get lucky and re-enact the exact same thing – that is at least twice as much fun and won’t cause you any potency issues! 😀


Here is a great video, which elaborates on the latest research related to the effects that internet porn has on the quality of your erection: