Take this short erection test in order to self-diagnose your erectile function or sexual potency. The questions are based on the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) Questionnaire.

Please fill in this questionnaire before seeing your doctor. This self-assessment impotence test is not intended to replace a proper medical test with your doctor about erectile disfunction.

However, the test may help you start the conversation with your doctor, and also give you some questions to ask. Your test results here will give your doctor a better idea of what you have been experiencing and how you feel about it.

Select the answer that best describes your condition over the past SIX months.

Please note:
– Only chose one answer, otherwise the the overal result will not be correct!
– Be honest with yourself.

Take the self-assessment impotence test below

How confident are you in your ability to achieve and hold an erection?

Is your erection hard enough to enable to penetrate your partner?


How often during sex were you able to maintain your erection, after you had begun to penetrate your partner?


How hard was it to maintain your erection until the end of sexual intercourse?


When you attempted to have sex, how often was it satisfying for you?


12 Comments on “Self-Test


    I had prostate n procedure after I was diagnosed prostate cancer.
    Since then no more erections or very hard to maintain when I have one



      Rene, I suggest you try amitamin M forte or VIGARIN by aminoexpert for 6 months. It will take a few weeks for the effect to kick in, but the beauty of it is that it is sustainable. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


      Dear Dominic, Arginine and Pine Bark Extract is a scientifically proven combination. Have a look at how it worked for me on the page how I got my erection back. Before you take it please discuss it with your doctor, because the Arginine can amplify the effects of other vasodilators (incl. Viagra, meaning you would have to reduce the Viagra dosage). Good luck!


      I am very sorry to hear that Larry. If you haven’t already done so I suggest you drop all the drinks and smokes, every sugary and processed food, just eat “clean” and exercise every day: do compounds for strength and erection yoga for stimulation and flexibility. Good luck!


    I have used all years viagra gave me strong they no longer i however used lcarnitine and lipoicacid had a morning steel but some changed have used arginie and pycgenol no strong erection however used vitamin c and garlic seems like morning steel is coming not very strong but broader but not pitching there is a response can u help


      Mike, you need to take 3g of arginine and 100mg of pine bark per day – if you take less it might not work. Vitamin C and garlic are both great for your help so by all means keep taking them. Make sure you combine this with a healthy lifestyle, good sleep, lift weights, clean food, no smoking. Good luck!


    I m 62 years. Have lost my erection completely since last abt 4 years.Using tablets for intercourse. No fore play It is effecting my life.Any advise


      Yes Ahmed, exercise regularly, lift weights, I recommend Ashtanga yoga, get into foreplay (learn to enjoy it – learn mindfulness meditation) and take the Top 5 Erection Supplements. Best of luck!

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