Erection Strength Training

Erection Strength Training
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OK, here is one of the key cornerstones of how I improved my health, life – and of course my erection: muscular male torsomy exercise routine

It really is a simple virtuous cycle: an improved body composition (more muscle, less fat) improves physical fitness, which improves better circulation, which improves the erection!

In other words, you want to find a way to effectively and naturally build muscle and lose fat.

Trust me, BY FAR the very best way of doing this is by going to the gym and doing what is called compound exercises. Compound simply means that you are using several muscle groups in one exercise, for example pull-ups (biceps & back) and bench-press (chest, shoulder, triceps) or squats (calves, quads, glutes, back & core).

squat musclesBy doing compound exercises you are using more muscles. Therefore you are moving more weight. This is directly proportionate to building more strength, which in turn means you are building MORE muscle and burning MORE calories. Importantly, you continue to burn the calories as your muscles recover 24h-48h (depending how hard you train) AFTER you have stopped exercising.

By moving more weight, you exhaust your body more, which makes you sleep far better and deeper, producing more of our precious male hormone – Testosterone.

Because you train several muscle groups at the same time you only need to go to the gym three times per week for approximately 1 hour – possibly the three most important hours in your whole week! Actually you can’t go more, because you need the rest.

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Compound exercises increase your testosterone!

The effects of strength training using compound exercises on your health are significant.

You will be entering what I call the T-driven virtuous health cycle:

1. Lifting weights improves you overall strength and posture, enhancing your confidence and making you more attractive,

2. You will sleep better, producing more T,

3. You will eat better,

4. Your overall physical health, circulation and therefore erection will improve.

5. You will be more confident, have more sex and an overall better quality of life!

stronglifts-5x5The heath benefits of strength exercise are dramatic: more strength, better posture, circulation, flexibility, less back and knee pain, more confidence, better sleep, higher quality of life. You can read the details on, the website which has turned helped me the most getting my erection back. I am not affiliated with it’s owner Mehdi. I am genuine telling you what has worked for me.

I have been doing his 5×5 programme for approx. 18 months now – on and off. The key for me have been the short, heavy sets, but most importantly the squats and deadlifts. Those two are the king of all exercises and since I have started doing them my strength, posture, diet, confidence and overall quality of life has improved. These big lifts, combined with a paleo diet and a few sensible supplements the compound lifts has been a key element in my fight to get my erection back.

The main supplements I take are ZMA (at night) to support my immune system and overnight T-production and a large daily dose of L-arginine with pine bark extract to naturally boost blood circulation in my whole body, when and where I need it – in the gym and also in bed.. 😉

Thanks Mehdi – I owe you one!

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