L-arginine Erection Booster

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arginine is an impotence cure which helps you improve your love life and relationship
More natural potency with Nitric Oxide from the amino acid Arginine and Pine Bark Extract

Over the years I have received hundreds of letters and emails for men asking me what Arginine (technically L-arginine) is and what effect, if any, it has on sexual potency.

Due to such an interest I shall attempt to briefly explain the basics of the arginine effect and it’s relation to male potency.


The Arginine Effect

Arginine is used by the body to produce Nitic-Oxide (NO), which improves overall systemic circulation. Systemic means that it positively affects your entire body. Better circulation will increase performance of your brain, heart, muscles, skin & hair, digestion, immune system … and of course your little best friend, so he can function when it counts.

Here is a great short video of what circulation is and how important it is:

The Nobel Prize!

In fact, the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998 was awarded to the team of researchers, who showed how NO is able to improve circulation. Incredibly, they used the erection as the example to base their research on! One of the nobel laureates, Dr Luiz Ignarro then went on to write a best-selling book on Nitric Oxide detailing its amazing benefits to the human body as a whole.

Also, since Arginine has been associated with the Nobel Prize its effect on male potency has been well-researched in dozens of scientific, randomised, placebo-controlled and peer-reviewed studies. In fact, no other potency enhancer has been clinically proven effective.

the amino acid Arginine boosts Nitric Oxide, which improves overall blood circulation
How I got my erection back with by boosting overall blood circulation

Arginine is therefore highly recommended for anyone, who has a hereditary or lifestyle risk to contract or who already struggles with cardiovascular disease. This obviously includes sufferers of impotence / erectile dysfunction (ED).

In fact, Dr Iganrro’s research directly led to the development of Viagra, a so-called PDE5 inhibitor.

How it works

PDE5 inhibitors work by temporarily *blocking* a substance in the penis called cGMP, which is the neurotransmitter for 5GMP for 4-8 hours. 5GMP causes the penis to *deflate* when an erection is no longer needed. cGMP is a so-called phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzyme, which is why they are called PDE5-inhibitors.

Arginine on the other hand increases your sexual function naturally. It improves your body’s NO levels and therefore natural ability to expand its blood vessels and flood blood into the penis.

The improvement in the erection, however, is much softer and  usually takes some weeks to take effect – but then it is permanent!

Natural & without side effects

One important note is that unlike chemical PDE5 inhibitors, Arginine has no known side effects and its effects is basically permanently on stand-by, or “always-on”. Personally, I have tried several PDE5 inhibitors, but several times experienced side effects. I had some of blushing and mild headaches once I had popped the pill and was ready to rumble.

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Effective L-arginine Dosages

Firstly, it is important to realise that L-arginine is a “semi-essential” amino acid, which our bodies need to function properly. This means our body makes Arginine by itself, but sometimes it simply needs more than it can make.

In this case we then have to make sure we include enough Arginine in our diet to satisfy the increased need.

It is important to recognise that only relatively high doses of 3,000mg (3 grams) and above will achieve the desired effect of actually elevating its levels in the blood plasma.

Thankfully this is no problem, because our body is used to ingesting this natural amino acid every day in different amounts. Your stomach won’t have problems even with large doses of 15 grams or more.

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click to buy the book

The minimum threshold amount is thought to be 3,000 mg daily and more is probably better. Any less that that and the Arginine will have no effect on NO production (no pun intended).

Read the label & make sure you get 3,000 mg per day!

Unfortunately, most supplements on the high street do not contain these amounts and are therefore not effective at all. So, when choosing an Arginine product, do stick with brands, which have designed their products with large dosages in mind. Do pay particular attention to the quantities of Arginine contained in them.

Arginine is available in capsule and powder form. Although the powder is slightly cheaper, I have experienced better results with capsules. Not only are the results more noticeable, capsules are more portable, easier to take during the work day and you don’t need to put up with the bitter taste of arginine powder, which is not for everyone.

Many manufacturers also include other nutrients in their Arginine products in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. These range from Vitamin B complex, Carnitine, pine bark extract and folic acid to Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and zinc.

Of these, the most sensible and research-backed are

  • the vitamin B6+B9(folic acid)+B12+Betaine complex for homocysteine reduction,
  • pine bark extract for elasticity and preservation of blood vessels and
  • zinc for better hormone levels and immunity.
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How to consume Arginine

I have been taking 3,000 mg Arginine in capsule form split over two doses per day. That is 1,500 mg in the morning and 1,500 mg in the evening. Splitting the dose does two things: it improves absorption levels so your body actually ingests more of the good stuff (it does not always!). Secondly, the nutrient supply is more continuous. That means the available Arginine in your blood stream is more consistently elevated and does not peak and trough as dramatically.

Arginine Foods

Do add Arginine-rich foods to your every day diet. Although red meats contain lots of it, generally I would try and avoid it. Better is fish, white meat, spinach and walnuts – but you may struggle to get to the minimum amounts every day unless you want to eat a steak or 150g of Walnuts every single day. This is not sustainable.

Arginine alone is not enough

Early studies concluded that “a dose of 5,000 mg (5g) per day of Arginine does not have a satisfactory effect on treating erectile dysfunction” as only 31% of subjects reported improvement. However, when the Arginine was combined with 80mg of Pine Bark Extract per day, even a smaller Arginine dose equivalent to about 3,000mg (3g) per day cured the erection problems in 92.5% of male test subjects. Click here to read the clinical study (opens new tab).

amitamin m forte includes arginine

Basically, the Arginine and Pine Bark Extract reinforce each other’s effects. They are the erection-boosting “Dream Team”!

My three favourite products are amitamin m forte, aminoexpert VIGARIN and Pharma Nord’s Prelox. They are the only ones I could find, which include both Arginine and pine bark extract. Of these three, VIGARIN and m forte are made in Germany. I prefer this slightly over Prelox, which is made in the US by a Danish company.

There are several similar products like Arginmax, Orthroexpert ProMan or Androxan, but they either include different ingredients (never Arginine in combination with Pine Bark Extract) or they are more expensive.


Patience and Consistency

aminoexpert vigarin includes Arginine and Carnitine

Arginine does takes some time to work – roughly 3-5 weeks or so until you notice the full effect. Then I would take it for at least another 3 months or so to make sure your body fully loads its NO storage.

If you get used to the benefits you can take it as long as you like, because there are no side effects. The effect of better circulation is holistic and has this slow onset, but nonetheless it is highly likely it will contribute to increasing your potency.

To put it simply, achieving an effect on erectile dysfunction takes time and patience.

But you are improving the health of your overall system – so it is worth it!

For yourself and your First Lady 🙂


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47 Comments on “L-arginine Erection Booster


    This article gives me some hope I as I have struggled with ed for years. Just started taking l-arginine and pine bark extract but I probably need to increase the dose. I will do this gradually and hope that I see some benefits. Wish there were more forums dscussing all of this which I feel affect a plethora of ‘silent sufferers’ who feel shame around the dysfunction and an have an inability to express their inner angst and real pain.


      Thank you for the comment Noel. You should look at 3,000 mg per day of Arginine and 100 mg of Pine Bark extract. Try this and just live as healthy as you can. Please keep us posted.


      Thanks Noel, I really appreciate your comment. Try and live as clean you possibly can. The daily arginine / pine bark extract dose I suggest is 3,000mg / 100mg. Remember it is a slow mover. Best combine it with some daily yoga and 2-3 times / week strength training. Good luck!


    I’ve been doing PE now since 2011. I’ve made gains, noticeable and lasting. Proper supplementation is/was important in my daily regimen. I have been taking steadily, for the most part, L-arganine daily 5grams. I believe it to work as I feel the difference. I’ve had concerns recently with my leg health. So of course I went researching on Google and once again found L-arganine to be a positive item in treatment of circulation/blood flow for legs! So I just ordered (received today) L-arganine powder. It was def less expensive than the tablets I’ve been taking. I also got L-citruline which I’m combining with it also. Good nutrition and exercise is of utmost importance. Maybe even more important is good MENTAL HEALTH and ATTITUDE. But this is life and a perfect life is out of reach for most. Good luck and hope my info helped you. 🙂


    I am taking 5,000 mg of L-arganine a day spread out through out the day. I have ordered pine bark extract and expect to take that with the L-arganine. I am 50 and have been on and off of Viagra and cialis for years. The ED only seems to be getting worse. I hate that it doesn’t work like it used to. What a dive do you have for me. I work out 4 days a week and look like I am in my early 40’s. Please help me.


      yes, combine the arginine with pine bark + try yoga! Several asanas (poses) specifically stimulate the root and sacral chakras + release any tension, which may be inhibiting blood flow & your mind to be free. Depends if this is your thing, but there is a reason why yoga has been around for a long time. Try different yoga styles and teachers, perhaps try Mindfulness meditation. It is a journey – good luck!


      Try taking Tonka Ali. Its the best for ed and your Health. Make sure you buy the good stuff from Indonesia. Its about 60 a bottl .


      Hey Steven, try blending a watermelon, 1 lemon,1 lime and a 500mg maca root pill and buy a bottle of pycnogenol pills. It works with the L Arginine in training and maintaining the endothelial walls of your dick to open for blood to cause the erection.


    What product comes with the combination of 3000 mgs of l-arginine and 100 mgs of pine bark extract, and how much does it cost?


    Arginine-ethyl-ester is the best form of arginine for absorbtion, body distribution, nitric oxide production and duration of effect. Still more than 5000mg/day are required for ooptimal effects.


    I’m 83 years old and have confidence that with a steady supply of arginine compounded with the right amount of tadalafil, and one good hour of weight training three times per week… I should have no trouble satisfying just about any woman’s needs (and fantasies) for the next 20 years. lol
    FYI: I believe that what Dick said about “good mental health and attitude” may possibly be just as important as ALL OTHER male potency enhancers combined.


      Dear fadile, If you cant find it in a pharmacy or online delivery I would contact 3rd parties such as friends, families or shipping/courier companies to forward you the deliveries from their own country – good luck!


    Hi jason

    i m aware that pycnogenol and arginine can help as I used them. My question is if i have to cycle them as my prolactine raised and effects decreased. Your opinion? More over i wonder how old you are abd fir how long you did use these supplements. Thanks a lot fir your great job.


      Andreas, I am glad to hear that you are using the supplement combo – how is it working for you? I honestly would love to give you feedback on your question, but you really need to ask a pharmacologist. Please do so and at the same time find out how to treat the prolactinoma best naturally and effectively. If you cant get a satisfactory answer, try it for yourself and write down your observations. My calendar age is 49 🙂 and I have now been on pine bark + arginine for 4.5 years. I had to stop the big weights in the gym, because I kept hurting my back, but instead started regular yoga (first Ashtanga / Vinyasa, currently trying Iyenga – all highly recommended) and still do pullups and pushups every day.


    I’ve been using L-arganine with ginseng and ginko biloba. It works wonders for me and I can maintain a full blown erection all night after countless rounds. I want to add Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol) to my cocktail. I believe this will be the ultimate erection-boosting “dream team”!


      Very happy to hear it is working for you, Hector! Do you mind sharing with us your dosages? I wonder if you even need to add Pygnogenol if you are already doing all-nighters! 🙂


        Jason did u ever find out the dosage from hector about the arginine and ginseng and ginko , i have ed for about a 1yr half and it sucks i have tried everything and nothing works im now trying the arginine at 3000 mg and pine bark at 200 but noth so far


          Hi John, unfortunately Hector never responded. How long have you been on these dosages? Have you tried the 5 x 5 stronglifts programme? I assume you are not smoking, sleeping well and staying off porn?


      no, you should be fine. Do check with your pharmacologist though esp if you are taking Viagra (or other PDE5s) or have any blood pressure issues whatsoever. I have read that the body can quite easily deal with 10,000mg+, however it is a question of your body weight etc. HOWEVER, there is really no point of taking so much, because the quantities used in research studies are between 1,700 and 5,000mg per day, i.e. there is no proof of benefit with a higher dose. Personally, I take 3,000mg + 100mg Pine Bark Extract per day and that is all you need. Good luck.



    I’m 27, in decent shape and I’ve been taking L-arginie 2g per day with 50mg of Pycnogenol for about 3 weeks and have noticed some improvements.

    I’m just curious about this statement: “The improvement in the erection, however, is much softer and usually takes some weeks to take effect – but then it is permanent!”

    Sorry if I missed a link on your article, but do you know of any studies that show this permanent effect or is it something you’ve noticed on yourself?

    Also, do you mean one has to keep taking the supplements for the effect to be permanent?

    Thanks and good luck.


      John, firstly I am stoked to hear that the combo is working for you. Re your question on the longevity of the effect: the honest answer is that this is a grey area. There are no long-term studies beyond 12 weeks that I know of (pls let me know if you do). What I meant is that for me the effect has been permanent once it kicked in after about 3 weeks *as long as I was still taking the combo*, even in smaller (1/2) doses and less frequently (4 days / week). Frankly, I was perfectly happy on the combo for 2.5 years and then let the ball slip, took it less and less, ended up stopping it for 4 months and I them started noticing a softer erection. Then it took me another month to get my act together and now I am happily back on it. At the moment I am taking Aminoexpert Vigarin, because it includes Carnitine, which has synergistic effects with omega-3, of which I take 3 x 1000 / day. I hope that helps. Good luck!


    Actually my internist gave me some samples of Viagra in my late 50’s so I tried them. Up to that point I had no ED problems yet the Viagra improved my performance and just plain felt younger and better. I think this was a disservice to me, it made my body lazy erection wise. I got off the Viagra due to losing sight in one eye on the advice of my optical neurologist. I found I could no longer get an erection and if I did it did not last long enough. I began taking the l-Arginine and Pycnogenol with quite a bit of improvement, but where I REALLY improved was doing Kagel exercises several times a day. I am now in my early 70’s and continue to take the L-arginine and pycnolgenol and now I have no ED problems.


      That is fantastic news – keep doing those Kagels Jim! Watch out for my article about them.


    What about the Vigarin dose? 5 bills per day? Shoud i take them at once? If yes when morning or evening? After or b4 food?
    By the way im 35 and have ed problems.. I cant quite smoking and i hate to excersise and have no time for that too
    Do you think that vigarin can help?
    Waiting for your answer
    Thank you very much


      Hey Abo, yes – Vigarin is 5 pills per day. I really like Vigarin because it includes Carnitine as well, which I combine with additional omega-3. Yes, take them at once, with a large glass of water, ideally during or afrter food. Personally I take them on an empty stomach in the morning and have no issues. Smoking is an issue I am familiar with! I tend to start smoking in the summer and stop again in the winter. I can highly recommend e-cigarettes, which I discovered this year. I believe you are in Germany so maybe something like this, which you can buy on amazon.de Smoking is really bad for you, especially the combustion of the tobacco. E-cigs vapourise, rather than burn so much much less harmful and the vapour oil usually includes nicotine so you can still get your hit 🙂 Good luck


    I have a question. Which one is better
    1. L-citrulline + pycnogenol
    2. L-arginine? + Pycnogenol

    Do we also need to include folic acid ?


      Taj, the body makes arginine out of citrulline so really you can give your body either. If you want play it safe give it both (2-3 g each per day). Yes to folic acid (=vitamin B9), it is important for the production and maintenance of new cells and plays an important role in mental and emotional health. Most people in the western world have a deficiency of B9. Good luck!


      Hi Taj, I just saw your email. Thank you for getting in touch. I am very happy to hear that you are already going down the physical culture path – great work and keep that going, always!

      Yes, do try pine bark extract and arginine together. In “combination” the two work together effectively to treat potency issues. You will find the scientific studies by searching for “pine bark pubmed erectile dysfunction”

      Take 3g+ of arginine per day (or citrulline, or both – the body makes arginine out of citrulline) and add at least 100mg of pine bark extract per day. Again, do this for 3 months and see how you get on.
      Let me know if you need help with specific products, but I’d rather you do your own research.

      Yes, stay away from Viagra et al / all PDE-5 inhibitors as long as you can. 100% stay away from porn as much as you possibly can – save your sexual energy for the real thing. Good luck!


    Hi, I am 45 and suffering from ed since last 6 years. I recently started taking pycnogenol 100 mg and l’arginine 500 mg daily. It’s not working enough for me maybe I am taking lower doses of l’arginine. Whenever I take l’arginine I start getting pain in my fingers. They become stiff and a but painful if I close and open them. I am a type 2 diabetic. Please can you advise why is it happening like that and if I should increase my intake of l’arginine.



    Hi Jason,
    Can I take 5000 mg l-carnitine powder form (twice a day, break 5000 mg for morning and evening) + 100 mg pycnogenol ( once a day, either morning or evening together with l-arginine) and in between taking my multivitamins? Is it safe or ok with multivitamins?


      Hi Jm, there is no need to take 5,000 mg per day. The clinical pine bark + Arginine research is all based on successful results from 3,000 mg / day (even 1,700 mg per day) so I would stick to that or close to it. By all means, do 1,500-2,000mg each morning and evening and take your multivitamins and pine bark “ad liberandum”. There are no known harmful interactions between vitamins, pine bark and arginine at these dosages. There are also no side effects (indigestion) to be expected from arginine as long as you stay under 10,000 mg per day. One important note though – whilst you are on regular arginine, you must not take PDE5s, i.e. Viagra, Cialis etc because they reinforce each others’ effect. Remember to work out as well, because you want to strengthen your pump & pipes. Do you have a training plan? I have successfully used Stronglifts 5×5 for general strength and the Armstrong pullup programme. I hope that makes sense. Good luck & keep us posted with your results.


    HI, I am 30years old and have no ED. My erection is fine. Have normal lifestyle. Actually I ordered Amitamin M Forte by mistake thinking it will help increase energy and overall help body. However I am reading everywhere even on the box that’s its for treating people with ED.
    So can I still use it and will it be any issues or is it still effective like icing on cake? 🙂 Thanks!


      Hey Jim, yes, if anything it will help increase your T levels, immunity, well-being and blood flow. You cant go wrong with it. For good energy I suggest 2l+ of water to begin with, regular low impact exercise (rowing, swimming, jogging) and no alcohol. Good luck!


      Dear Ting, arginine does not increase “sex drive”, it improves circulation and therefore a man’s ability to have an erection. Obviously, women benefit from arginine by having improved circulation, but it doesn’t affect their sexual organs to the same extend as it does men’s. If you want to improve a lady’s sex drive my suggestions are (1) impress her with some serious romanticism (cook candlelight dinners, massage her, buy her clothes and lingerie), (2) look after yourself (gentlemanly manners, exercise, groom and dress well) and (3) improve your foreplay skills. I hope that helps.


      Dear Jack, the science says that the tongkat ali “may” improve erectile function. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26365449. There are no clinical studies on the combination of arginine and tongkat ali. Do try them out with a very low dose and see how you get on. Stop if you get side effects. I would not combine them with PDE-5 inhibitors. Best of luck!


    Hello Jason, it sure does look like you know a lot about this subject… I do not have ED now, but who knows in the future. I am not a fan of big pharma, so I am trying to do naturally what Viagra/Cialis would do with their formula. If there was a way (naturally with 1 pill and no side effects) to achieve the same results and in the same time frame that Viagra/Cialis does – it would probably put those drugs out of business… I have tried a few natural concoctions – but to no avail. I don’t know if it even exists – or if it did – rest assured that big pharma would try an regulate the dosages or create their own spin on the formula… That being said – a natural pill or combination of pills that works for everyone may exist – but through my research, I have not found it. P.S. – Through my experimentation, I am up to 5000mg L-ARGININE , 300mg Pycnogenol , and I threw in 7.5mg of Yohimbine HCI (like 13 pills total) with no change..


      Nathan, but you have no ED ?? As long as all is in order, keep the dose low (50% of what you are describing) and keep humming away.

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