The “Erection” Diet

The “Erection” Diet
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What if I told you that you can eat right for a great erection?

You can indeed change your diet to have better sex, longer and more often. But it is not easy..

healthy eating for a better erectionSo how is your diet these days? Honestly, can you say you are proud of it? Personally, I am getting there.. but am never quite there. All about pain and pleasure. 🙂 I had a blow-out day again yesterday with too much chocolate, too little veg and I know tonight I will have a few beers with a friend over a game.

The truth is that most of us know a few things about what we should and should not eat. But unless we are sick or really want to get fit, we have either no goal and therefore no discipline and motivation, or we have no plan, no knowledge …and therefore we just float, continue to put bad things into our body and just get fatter, unhealty and blame it all on “getting old”. And you know what that means for your erection!

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Knowledge Is Power

virtuous erection cycleWorse, the slow aging, dropping testosterone, stress, lazyness and our inability to recognise the slow change over time compound the in a vicious cycle.

How many guys over 40 (even 30) do you know who are happy with their bodies??

It is ultimately about two things: (1) knowing the right things to put into your body and (2) the motivation to do so.

Motivation is driven by pain & pleasure: is the pain of getting fat, unhealthy and not being able to have an erection stronger than all the guilty pleasures you allow yourself?

If it is you are ready for a change.. This article will focus on the knowledge. For more on motivation read this article.

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The Erection Diet

The goal of this diet is to (1) get healthy and (2) slowly improve your body composition. This means more muscle and less fat, which will improve your circulation, physical attactiveness, testosterone level, energy levels, well being, confidence – and ultimately your erection!

The concept of the diet is a mix of the paleolithic and high protein muscle building diet. In short, you’ll be eating LESS carbs (sugars), dairy and processed meats (such as sausages) and MORE protein, good fats (nuts) and vegetables.

best erection foodsGet healthy: ideally, eat green veg (Cruciferus) vegetables with every meal, even breakfast. Cruciferous vegtables include kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout, cauliflower, kohlrabi, but also bok choi, chinese cabbage, mustard, wasabi, horseradish, cress and maca.

These veggies supply you with lots of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, soluble fiber, selenium, antioxidants and phytochemicals with potential anticancer properties – all great for your immune system and metabolism.

Improving your body composition

Eating less fatty fast & processed foods and less carbs (certainly single sugars) and instead much more good carbs, protein and good fats (e.g. nuts) will literally shift your weight from fat to muscle – especially when you exercise. The changes in your body will be most dramatic if you do muscle and strength training whilst on this diet.

Combine this with drinking lots – minimum 4 pints (2.2 liters) of water. Exactly how much you should drink depends on your health, where you live and how active you are. Also drink as much green or white tea as you can! These teas have increadible health benefits such as helping with weight loss, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing risk of diabetes, cancer, depression and heart disease and it even improves your skin.

Drinking lots of water improves all of your body’s functions. Being properly hydrated vastly improves your energy metabolism, memory, digestion, detoxification (flushing out) and your ability to better exercise. Also do not drink any water: I avoid drinking from plastic bottles, because they end up in our oceans. There are some very fancy water filters out there, but my favourite option these days is BRITA-filtered tab water – I always have a large glass on my desk.

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More Key Rules

paleo diet for better erectionsDon’t eat dead carbs

White bread, white rice or potatoes are a waste of opportunity. These foods include no complex carbs and few other nutrients – they add absolutely no value other than filling you up for a short period of time. Instead, try to eat as little carbs as you can and if you really want or need to, stick to brown bread and sweet potatoes (stay off all rice if you can). These foods are rich in complex carbs – keeping you fuller for longer – and have additional nutrients.

Minimise or better eliminate all processed foods

Convenience or Fast-foods includes processed meats (sausages), canned and frozen foods, sugary cereals, packaged cakes and cookies – anything that has been processed in some way for convenience.

Minimise milk

This is slightly controversial, because everyone is different. I have found that minimising all yoghurts, milk and cheese has worked well for me. The chinese don’t drink milk at all. Some people say cows milk is for cows. Personally I have switched to almond and hazelnut milk – very healthy alternatives.

Minimise sugar

The main reasons for this is less dead calories and more importantly less sugar spikes. High blood sugars (or Blood Glucose – BG) levels damage many systems in your body. Imagime giving your kids shards of glass and rusty nails, and letting them run through your house, scraping them along the walls. THAT is the damage from high blood sugar to your arteries.

omnomnomnivore does not have a good erectionMaximise protein

Generally try to eat as much unprocessed protein as you can. I drink one protein shake per day (no more!), eat 1-2 eggs on average, topside beef (great, cheap cut & easy to cook and refrigerate) every day. Of course eat as much fish as you can and some red meat every few days – excellent for muscle growth.

Stay away from the bacon and sausages if you can (they’re full of trans fats – see below), unless they’re from the butcher. You can rarely be sure of the ingredients (fillers) and preservatives used by food companies.

Eat lots of veg and nuts

As above, vegetables will give you lots of nutrients you need for your metabolism, brain function, energy, digestion and immune system. Nuts will give you lots of amino acids and good fats. Remember, you must always distinguish between bad fats, like trans fats found in fast foods and good fats, like omega-3s and HDL cholsterol.

Did you know that our brain is the fattest organ and consists of about 60% fat? Funny enough, on average, nuts also consist of 60% fat – but good fats, which do not get stored as belly fat (as long as you eat them in reasonable quantities)!

Believe me, you will not get fat from eating 100-200g of (whole, unsalted) nuts per day!

Take useful supplements

Try to take vitamin D3, Omega 3 (not 6 or 9), minerals like zinc and selenium and all the vitamins you can get, especially A, B complex (all of them), C and D3. Here is a great article why each of them is good for you with references to the scientific studies to back it up. I also now take BioPerine to make sure my body absorbs more of the nutrients. What is the point taking all of these pills if my body only absorbs say 30% and the rest comes out the other end? I always buy this one on amazon.

Key Combos

There are a few combinations, which work really well together, because they increase each other’s effect.

One combo I really like is Carnitine and Omega-3 work together for fat loss. You should take them in a ratio of 4:1, i.e. 1,000mg of Carnitine and 4,000mg of Omega-3)

Arginine and Pine Bark Extract (also called Pycnogenol) reinforce each other to boost your circulation and therefore ability to achieve an erection. The best male natural potency supplements should there include these two nutients. My favourites are amitamin m forte and VIGARIN. They are quite similar and I don’t want to endorse one product over another so please do your own research.

Another big one I take every night just before bed is ZMA for muscle strength and more testosterone. It is a synergistic blend of two minerals, zinc and magnesium, and Vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine in an important biological ratio. All three of these compounds are extremely important in biological processes. Several studies with athletes have shown that taking this supplement over a period of several weeks gave subjects higher testosterone levels and greater strength increases than the people not taking ZMA.


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The information on this page is not a hard and fast diet, but merely a few proven guidelines for healthy living.

Your cardiovascular health and overall well-being will improve the closer you follow this diet. It is a learning process and you will need to find out what is best for you. I tried this 28 day diet for fun and it really changed my bad habits.

In practise, it is ok to do cheat days and be naughty every now and again. I really struggle with sugar cravings and sometimes love a good drink. For me, it is all about balance. Your discipline will be better than mine if your motivation is strong enough.

Personally, I try to stick as closely as possible to these guidelines and do my Erection Strength Training three times a week, and it is working a treat – for me and my girlfriend. 😉

Remember, you are what you eat (and what you believe you are)! 🙂

15 Comments on “The “Erection” Diet


    I have taken vitamin D and the last couple of times I have taken it, it has made my sexual functioning worse. I thought it is to help sexual function but it has been bad for me. Why? I am male, 56 years old. The first time I took a 1000 mg vitamin D that was from lambs wool and the most recent time I took a 2500mg
    vitamin D from lichen. Thank you very much.



      Dear Randy, Unfortunately I am not familiar with these products and their dosages. It does sound like you have overdosed. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for men your age is 600 IU or 15 mcg!

      Please check out this professional fact sheet on vitamin D3 with sources & dosages –

      I would focus on a clean diet & lifestyle and take 3,000 mg of Arginine + 100 mg of Pine Bark Extract per day. I believe you are in the US so if you cant find a combination product, I suggest you buy the nutrients separately. You can find some links to amazon on the bottom of this page –

      You may also want to raise your testosterone levels naturally. Do not take any herbs or supplements promising you eternal youth! What worked a treat for me was the stronglifts 5×5 workout.

      I hope this is useful.

      Good luck!


        Dear Jason,

        I am sorry it has taken me this much time to thank you for your useful and informative reply and the websites you include. I just now became aware of it.

        I wish you best. Good luck to you also.



    The three things to ed is hormonal,20-30 % blood supply to penis And seretonin aroused / orgasm first come first hormones test for testosterone,free total w/shbg. Estrogen, free total… estradiol, cholesterol panel, dhae progesterone, and seretonin levels… now for blood rule out high blood pressure and heart condition. And third rule out any dopamine seretonin levels. Once you are stable in all three areas you will be able to have a boner..


    I find your advise of 3 litres of water or more a day not very good advise.
    You may have overtime kidney failure rare but happens.
    It is important to drink what the body needs. Similar to any food.
    People talk about how much and what to eat but find the excess water is not good.

    If you have a busy life playing sport or gym yes you need more. If you sit at a office, at night watch Rv, read etc that is a over statement 3 litres


      David, I agree and appreciate the feedback. How much water you should drink depends on many factors: where you live, how healthy you are, how active you are and also how much you weigh. I wrote this when I was doing 4 intense gym sessions per week.. and truth be told it was always the amount I aspired to, but never quite reached. Also, it does matter what kind of water you drink – I drink BRITA filtered tab water, because of the value for money. An easy question with not so easy answers.


    eating nothing but red kidney beans and boiled/cooled potatoes (five days in a row) gives me a rock-hard boner every morning, without fail.


      Haha, never heard of this combo before. My educated guess why this is working is perhaps that A – they are clean foods and B – you shock your body (like inverse cheat days or the carb loading principle). Keep it going!


    I am 53 healthy and very active. I workout 5 days per week and eat healthy. I also take protrin in coordination with my workouts. Ive had problems with getting erections for sex. Can you suggest a remedy?


      Hey Jeff, do your research on how to raise your T levels (i.e. do lower rep, heavier weight compound exercises like the 5×5 – but watch your form!). Then make sure you get your Arginine + Pine Bark extract for improved blood flow. Keep us posted with progress. Good luck!


    Dear jason….thanks for the article an time invested for us all….I would like hear you thoughts on “Citturlin malate” and “Agmatine sulfate”…as so I’ve recently heard that they are even better N.O boosters without the arginine.***your much respected advice would be much appreciated thanks


      Hi Jason, Your body actually makes both Agmatine and L-Cirulline from L-arginine, so there is no need to specifically supplement either of them if you already take L-arginine. Most of the ED/impotence research is based on L-arginine (+ pine bark extract) so I would stick to what has been clinically and conclusively shown effective. Better keep it simple and save yourself having to take yet another supplement / pill 🙂


    Broccoli works fantastically well at increasing testosterone levels as does cholesterol.

    From personal experience, I find that eating bacon, eggs and broccoli transforms the hardness of my boner.

    Broccoli helps to stop testosterone being converted into estrogen while cholesterol is needed to manufacture testosterone.

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