Top 5 ERECTION Supplements

Top 5 ERECTION Supplements
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lose fat and grow musclesSupplements can benefit both men and women by ensuring that their bodies are supplied with the vitamins and minerals that they need.

There are certain erection supplements that are particularly useful to men, as they can help prevent

  • low testosterone,
  • heart disease,
  • prostate problems and
  • male pattern baldness

..ultimately promoting long-term health and enabling you to keep your erection as you age.

The ultimate goal – healthy T

Maintaining healthy levels of testosterone is especially important. Produced in the testes and the adrenal glands, it is vital for sperm production, and triggers development of the male sex organs and secondary male characteristics such as facial hair, muscular development and a deepening voice.

Low testosterone levels can not only lead to infertility and erectile problems, they have been linked to Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and obesity.


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Vitamin D

vitamin d by now foods helps with circulation and improves erections
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Many laboratory studies have shown that doses of vitamin D increase virility by raising testosterone levels. A 1989 study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison1 investigated the fertility of male rats.

It found that test subjects deficient in Vitamin D had a 73 per cent reduction in fertility, and had 45 per cent less success in actually mating and producing sperm than rats that had enough Vitamin D.

Many men suffer from male pattern baldness. A study at the University of Texas in 2010 found that Vitamin D plays a vital role in hair growth, and a recent Japanese study2 has found that a super-active form of Vitamin D, VD3, can boost stem cells and induce hair growth.


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Carnitine is an amino acid that helps to break down lipids, or fats, in the body. The term L-carnitine refers to the biologically active form of the amino acid. It has a strong antioxidant action, and L-carnitine supplements are often used to treat heart attacks, angina and heart failure.

While these conditions also affect women, the improvement in blood flow which L-carnitine gives has a beneficial effect on erectile performance and sperm levels.


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Another important factor in the production of testosterone is the level of zinc in a man’s body. Zinc is an essential trace element, which is vital for human health.

It plays many different roles in the body, from helping the immune system to assisting in the healing of wounds. Genetic materials, such as DNA and proteins, cannot develop without zinc, making it an important supplement for men who are concerned about fertility.

Zinc deficiency has a big impact on sperm production and the health and movement of sperm. A multi-organisation American study undertaken in 19963 confirmed the link between zinc deficiency and low testosterone levels.

Many prostate problems, including cancer, are linked to zinc deficiency, and when the Chicago Center for the Study of Prostatic Diseases gave 50 to 100mg of zinc daily to patients suffering from infection of the prostate, 70 per cent of cases showed improvement. Zinc levels decline with age and men over fifty can fight impotency and prostate enlargement by taking zinc supplements.

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Omega-3 fatty acids are not produced in the body, but have to be ingested by diet or supplements. They have been found to reduce blood pressure, blocked arteries and blood clots by lowering triglyceride levels.

Men with high Omega-3 levels are less likely to die from heart disease and more likely to ward off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia4.

Omega-3s also work well together with Carnitine, because they reinforce each others’ effect for enhanced fat loss5.

Arginine and Pine Bark Extract

amitamin m forte
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Arginine is used by the body to produce Nitic-Oxide (NO), which improves overall systemic blood circulation, which positively affects your entire body, including your ability to have an erection.

Pine bark Extract contains strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and also helps with the absorption of nitrogen into the bloodstream. All of these characteristics can help with heart health, and pine bark extract lowers blood pressure and aids with the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Research has now shown that Arginine and Pine Bark Extract reinforce each others’ effect and together are highly effective at improving erectile function. In a study 92.5% of subjects reported normal erections after three months6.


NOW Foods L-Arginine 500mg, 250 Capsules pine bark extract bulkIf you live in the US, you might find that amitamin M forte or similar combination products with Arginine and Pine bark extract are not available.

In this case I suggest you buy the nutrients separately. Amazon is a great place to do this.

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There you have it gentlemen. It is obvious that with some simple supplements you can improve your health and reduce the long-term risk of picking up diseases and illnesses. The main goal for your health is, again, to keep your T-levels high and the risk of heart disease low.


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    can testicular microlithiasis
    and bilateral varicose veins in the the testes cause azoospermia and ed. testosterone level is within normal range.


      Dear Alex, I am afraid I cannot answer this question for you. I strongly recommend you get a referral to see your local Andrologist. Alternatively have you considered posting a question on a paid-for medical forum? Best of luck to you!


      I am afraid not, I can only recommend what you should be taking based on scientific studies and my own experience.


      Hey bobby, yes you can. These supps are all safe (I have been taking them for years) and there are no side-effects or interactions expected. Do stick to the recommended daily dose indicated on the packaging though. If you are not sure, google is you friend.


    Hi,thks for the valuable info.Right now am having burning sensation under my testicals.just thursday.Pls advise wondering why.thks.


      Dear James, I doubt that the burning sensation has anything to do with supplements. If it continues, go and see your GP/physician/urologist at the earliest.

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