What is the best Arginine Pycnogenol Dosage?


I have had several comments and private messages about what I think is the best Arginine Pycnogenol dosage.

Why the confusion?

Basically, the question was whether there should be a loading dose initially and then a maintenance dose.

prelox is thought to help with impotence. Info about arginine pycnogenol dosage
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Prelox does this .. but it seems mostly to improve their margins (make more money), because there is no research to support a loading strategy.

Prelox costs approximately $40 per month, but you only get 1,500mg of Arginine and 40mg of Pine Bark Extract – when you take 2 pills per day, which is what they call their maintenance dose.

Now, it is interesting to note that in Europe, the two comparable products amitamin M forte and aminoexpert VIGARIN cost approximately 30% more, but you get 100% more Arginine and Pine Bark Extract.

They also include more nutrients, which justifies their price difference like vitamin E, zinc and Betaine (which further reduces Homocysteine – see below) in M forte’s case and L-Carnitine and coenzyme Co-Q10 in VIGARIN’s case.

Unfortunately, however, these tow products do not ship to the US, so here is my recommendation:

The Top US Product Combo

l-arginine plus helps with impotence when combined with pine bark extract. prelox is thought to help with impotence. Info about arginine pycnogenol dosage
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To get the best arginine pycnogenol dosage AND value for money, you will need to buy your Arginine and Pine Bark Extract separately.

A combination, which I like thew most is L-Arginine Plus and  NOW Foods Pine Bark Extract.

The L-Arginine Plus will cost you approximately $108 (i.e. $36 per month) over three months on amazon.com. NOW foods Pine Bark Extract which costs $14 for 90 caps, which will last you three months.

In total therefore, you will spend approx $122 over three months or just over 40 bucks a month, not bad.

pine bark extract helps with impotence when combined with l-arginine. prelox is thought to help with impotence. Info about arginine pycnogenol dosage
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The L-Arginine Plus also includes a load of other nutrients (vitamin C, D), but most notably the vitamin B complex (B6,B9,B12), which has been shown to reduce homocysteine.

Homocysteine is a normal metabolic waste product we all produce and which has been show to damage blood vessels over time. Click here to read about Hyperhomocysteinemia.

With this combo you get a massive dose of 5,000mg of Arginine powder + 240mg of Pine bark Extract for about 40 per month

What else you do you need?

Unfortunately, L-Arginine Plus does not include

  • Betaine,
  • zinc (up to 20mg per day),
  • omega-3 (up to 3,000 mg per day yielding approx. 300mg DHA and 500mg EPA – depending on the quality) and
  • L-Carnitine (up to 5,000 mg per day).

Lots of clinical research studies have shown that all of these nutrients benefit male health, energy levels, immunity, testosterone level and reduce the risk of illnesses. I therefore included them in my post about the top 5 ERECTION supplements.

Only you will know

Ultimately, only you can decide for yourself what you are willing to spend to enjoy better health and insure yourself against cardiovascular disease like heard attack and strokes.

There are generally no side effects expected when these nutrients (also often now called nutraceuticals by the way) are taken in normal doses.

Please research the doses yourself if you are not sure & speak to your GP/doc/physician/pharmacist – it is important that they approve!

The supplements can quite easily become part of your daily routine, when you just taken them with water, which you need to drink lots of anyway

Personally, I have been on a cocktail of Arginine, Pine Bark Extract, omega-3, 20mg zinc, BCAAs, vitamin C, E, B9 etc for about 2 years now. This probably costs me about $50 per month, but my belief is that this is a natural, heath insurance.

I am lucky I enjoy excellent health and I try to appreciate it every day, because once it is gone, we would all pay every money in the world to get it back.

In the meantime it makes me and my girlfriend very happy! 🙂

23 Comments on “What is the best Arginine Pycnogenol Dosage?


      I hate to break the news, but the Pine Bark extract that is used in this product is Pinus massoniana. This is a Pine tree that grows in China and Taiwan. There this pine tree is used for paper pulp and turpentine. It has NO KNOWN MEDICINAL VALUE. This is NOT Pycnoginol, or Maritime Pine bark, or Pinus pinaster, which are purported to have positive medicinal value for humans. I believe that manufacturers of “pine bark” mislead many people when they use extracts other than that of Pinus pinaster. Please don’t be fooled. Do your research.


        Hey Rope A. Dope, I appreciate the comment. Can you please confirm that you are referring to PBE in Prelox? It his interesting indeed that Pharma Nord, the manufacturer of Prelox uses a different (presumably cheaper) type of PBE, which seems to have different medical properties. I disagree, however, that Pinus Massoniana Bark Extract or (PMBE) has no medical value. PMBE has been subject to at least 18 published medical studies and has been shown to be beneficial for cell growth pathways whilst inhibiting cancer growth. You can see all the studies here on PubMed.


    Hi intersting and effective suggestion. I m using pycnogenol with a grrowing success but i wonder if i have to cycle it to avoid my body gets used to it . So do yoi suggest to cycle it?


      There is no research on cycling it. It is a powerful antioxidant which your body will benefit from on an ongoing basis. I would suggest a loading phase (e.g. one month of 200mg daily) and then an ongoing maintenance dose of 100mg. Good luck! If anyone knows any better, please shout here in the comments!


    Will arginine and pine bark extract really help my pecker?
    Need input as I am 67 and my 36 year old girlfriend is not very happy with me in the sack department.


      Dear John – that is some age gap! The research says that this combo has an extremely high chance of working, however, I would go further: low impact sports (try yoga & dancing with her, for stimulation & foreplay.. my favourite combo!), no smoking/drinking/drugs + a clean diet like Paleo or vegetarian. These steps should also extend your life expectancy. Good luck!


    Suffering from eractile disfunction for the last two years. What medicine you suggest. It should have no side effects.


      Dear Rajinder, the ones I use are at the bottom of this page. Whichever option decide to go for, make sure you combine Arginine and Pine Park Extract. In addition, I strongly recommend you follow my diet and lifestyle tips: yoga, weights, sleep, no smoking/drugs etc. Best of luck to you!


      Dear Carlos, you can take them any time. Personally, I take them with a large glass of water even on an empty stomach. Officially they say it is always better with a meal or if you have digestions issues take them in the middle of the meal so the caps mix nicely with the food in your stomach. Some people also split the Arginine dose into 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night to even out the NO level in the bloodstream throughout the 24 hours. Just try out a few things and do what works best for you. Please keep us posted with how it works for you. All the best!


    Hey Jason random question, I am getting a tattoo soon. I read somewhere that you should stop taking Pine Bark before surgery. Do you think the same would apply for a tattoo, should I stop taking the combo before the tattoo ??


      Hey Pedro, I seriously doubt that you need to stop pine bark before surgery. I have never heard that pine bark affects tissue recovery. By all means google it and check with your GP/physician/pharmacists – ideally do all of the above. Having said that I am sure there are other supplements worth looking at specifically with skin tissue regeneration, like folic acid, collagen and so forth. Do your own research. Good luck!


    if i’m wanting a quick response to the man downstairs before sex, how close to sex should i have a dose of L-arg and pycno for a better experience in bed; or would taking a full dose at night or in the morning do better justice to my sex life? Cheers


      Davo, you need to take the L-arg and pycno combo for several weeks to begin with and then permanently (I recommend for minimum 3, better 6 months) to really benefit from the effects. It is not a quick (fake) fix like the blue pills, but a long-term solution. I hope that makes sense. Best of luck!


    Hey guys, those of us with ED really have a problem. My wife is a very devoted christian woman I married as a virgin. When my ED started I lost all respect she had for me and she could insult me for the slightest reason ans ends by saying ” what am I getting from this marriage”. She is referring to the effect of my ED. Guys we really need solutions that work. I don’t like blue pills but the day I had a boner from a blue pill she was so happy that i felt sad for myself.


      Wow … Daniel with all due respect I would say the solution to your ED problem would be to get rid of your wife. I can’t imagine what a response like that would do to the physche of a man suffering from ED. My best wishes for you going forward my friend!



    I have been using Grape Seed Extract and Citrulline (Arginine hurts my stomach and ive heard Citrulline is better anyways)it seems to be working well however I am having diarrhea and bad stomach issues. I thought maybe it was the Citrulline but i read this is not common with Citrulline but is with Arginine. I just now read nausea and diarrhea is very common with Grape Seed Extract which was shocking. So now I am thinking about trying Pycnogenol or Pine Bark Extract instead. My question is are these pretty much the same because Pycnogenol is very expensive. And what dose? I know Pyncogenol is typically around 100mg so is Pine Bark the same?


      Dear Tom, personally I have never taken branded Pycnogenol (only Pine Bark Extract / PBE), but from what I have read I’d assume that they are interchangeable. Yes, shoot for 80-100mg PBE / day. Definitely combine with either Arginine, Citrulline or Ornithine. Please let us know which combo works best for you. Best of luck!


        Thanks for the feedback, I have a bottle of 100mg Pycnogenol, 60 caps so ill run that at one a day for the full 60 days and see how it goes. I hope it works as well as the Grape Seed without the stomach side effects, I am not 100% sure the Grape Seed messed my stomach up but I am thinking its either that or the Citrulline and from what ive read that’s not very common with Citrulline so fingers crossed…..Last couple questions, if I switch to Pine Bark Extract since its cheaper any recommended brands? Also is there a better time of day to take the Pycnogenol? Grape Seed I took twice a day which I liked but since this is going to be once a day should it be morning or night? I have read its best to take the same time as the Citrulline so maybe night since that is when I am active with my wife would be better if only dosing once a day and not in the morning before the gym? Thanks for any feedback.


          Dear Tom, unbranded Pine Bark Extract should be absolutely fine. The biochemical differences should be negligible. Yes, do take the Pine Bark Extract together with the Citrulline. Timing is not that important, because you are building up long-term levels in your blood serum, i.e. you should be good to go anytime! I hope that makes sense. Best of luck!


    The Now brand Pycenogenol(pine bark extract) is pretty useless stuff. I have not had good luck with it compared to other brands. Not sure why but it seems if you buy the cheaper pine supplements they seem to not work half as good. For me i Stick to Organika brand. It is more expensive but its effects are way more noticeable compared to the now brand.

    As the above poster said. I to would challenge the validity of this now brand.

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